Good morning everyone !

​       I feel very lucky I was born with a particular sensitivity to color, and I have always wanted to put this great chance to use in all my creations: first the world of stunning accessories, elegant hats, distinguished shoes of all kinds, extraordinary gloves, wonderful bags and mad scarves.

To stage these actors, I have built the bases of the decors with my Serenity and Left Bank ranges of mural paintings at Ressource, leather ranges at Gaiera, threads and fabrics, earthenware from Paris at Bleu d'Argile, earthenware with Chehoma and other ceramist-artists, several very nice books at the Editions du Chêne, wallpapers at Koziel and of course furniture since 2015 for color harmonies.

Still today I stay in my theater when I stage Parisian bistros, or exhibitions, castles and houses. I have become very attached to this typical french rattan furniture which I fully reinterpreted in terms of color harmonies.

I’ve created almost 3,243 harmonies so far.

I now want to share some of them, soberly, without avalanche, with all of you, as a walk in my thematic proposals of multicolored braiding! If you do not find any harmony to your liking, I have many others in store.

You will find memories of childhood emotions, memories of peaceful and sunny moments, holidays and trips to imaginary countries; you will immediately feel the benefits.

A feast for your heart and for your eyes.

Thank you very much!

Philippe Model

Magasin Philippe Model Maison, 65 rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris, France
Philippe Model

The store 19 rue Racine



The RILSAN®, what is it?

RILSAN® is a natural polymer of castor oil. Castor oil comes from castor plant which grows in the fields.

Indoor and outdoor use.


Where do the color harmonies come from?

The color harmonies or color combinations (around 3243 in our catalog) are all exclusively created by Mr. Philippe Model, designer stylist, decorator and scenographer for Philippe Model Maison. Being its intellectual property, the color harmonies are subject to national and international Copyright.


Where are these seats made and where to find them for sale?

Our products are made in France by the best french craftsmen. The manufacturing is 100% manual, 100% french, in a dedicated atelier. They are on sale in Philippe Model Maison stores at 19, rue Racine 75006 Paris, and on the 1st floor of Bon Marché department store, 23, rue de Sèvres 75006 Paris .

What are the manufacturing times?

The entirely manual and artisanal production imposes a manufacturing time of around 2 months.

In high season, from mars to september, count 2 and a half months, or even 3 months due to summer heat waves and annual holidays. Lock-downs due to covid-19 pandemic do not interfere in our activity. You will be served as usual.

What are the general conditions of sale?

Follow this link to consult the general conditions of sale (in French): GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE